I’m Going Nomadic and Leaving my Apprenticeship

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Yesterday Cory and I packed our bags, got a rental car and drove back to Seattle. Our lease was coming to a close, Seattle’s weather was depressing us, and we didn’t want to find a new apartment, since finding anything below $1,000 is getting tougher and tougher.

Cory will be sticking around Spokane for the most part, but I will be bouncing around a bit more. Right now I’m back home in Spokane for a couple days, then will be heading to Boise next week for Christmas. Then it seems like it’ll be back in Spokane for New Years.

Besides that, there aren’t many plans right now. I figure sticking around Spokane and Boise may be the majority of where I spend my time, but I am planning a trip to Hawaii to see my cousin at the start of March for a couple weeks, there’re rumors of Vegas later in March, then a family vacation trip to Mexico in April, then back to Seattle for a wedding late April.

Between those places, I have some dots to connect. While Spokane and Boise will be the home base, I think trips to Sioux Falls, San Diego, Austin, and New York may happen.

I have quite a bit of airline miles, my girlfriend doesn’t have a job at this point or rent to pay, so I think we may visit some new places around the U.S. Maybe we’ll tack on an extra week or two in Mexico. Maybe we’ll call an audible and head down to South America.

With pretty much free airfare, easy short term rentals via Airbnb, and lots of cool places to check out, we have a lot of options. Maybe we’ll go visit our buddy in Arkansas, then another in Florida. I’ve never really been down south, so that would be kind of exotic.

My Thoughts On Being Nomadic

Now, I’m not too sure how much I’ll like bouncing around like this. While it sounds great, I actually love my daily routines and consistent workouts. These are both hard to pull off while traveling.

There’s a lot of time that you lose just figuring stuff out. Finding the new place to live, booking tickets, figuring out transportation. Luckily this is 100 times easier to figure out going around the US, but still time lost that I could be using to build my businesses.

So we will see if I actually like moving so much or living in smaller towns.

Which brings up another point that will be good about this. I’ve only lived in bigger cities since college. Mostly Seattle, but also Rio de Janeiro. It’ll be nice to do trial runs in smaller and different cities around the US. Maybe I end up liking the size of Portland better than Seattle. Maybe I fall in love with Austin.

These are a lot of things that many people don’t get a chance to discover. If you move to Seattle, only ever work in Seattle, and vacation sometimes, you really have no idea what living in other places is like. Don’t get me wrong, Seattle is awesome, but maybe Boulder is just as awesome. I’m looking forward to expanding my view of the US.

When I’ve been telling people this, they always say, “It’s awesome you have a job that lets you do this”, which is true, but won’t be January first…

I Will be Leaving my Apprenticeship

So the time has come for me to move off fully onto my own. I’ve been working with Chris Guthrie for the last 19 months and have learned a ton. If you at all interested in learning how to actually run a business, an apprenticeship is the way to go. Like Gary V says if you’re in school to become a business owner, quit now.

There’s nothing like first-hand experience when it comes to how to actually start and grow a business.

So I’m starting my own business. While I have the few websites growing on the side, as I talked about in my asset growing game plan, those don’t pay the bills, nor do I want them to. That’s an investment portfolio. I don’t want to pull money out of it.

My new business is e-commerce, which I may or may not talk about more on the blog. I feel like talking more about it may make the site more along the lines of the “make money online” websites, and that’s not really what I’m going for.

So I will completely be my own boss come 2016. I’ll have an investor to keep happy, but that won’t be a problem or dictate how I operate.

That’s all I have for the update for now. If you’d like me to come visit you or a cool place to recommend I go, let me know in the comments!