Casey’s Quick Story

My junior year of college was a bit of an existential crises. I felt like I had two paths in front of me. One was my childhood dream, to leave the U.S. and attempt to play soccer in a lower tier league and be poor. The other was to continue to pursue my studies of philosophy towards professorship.

The two options seemed both fitting to me and fun, but in a sense, lacking. Then I happened across a book that changed my life, as it has many others… The 4 Hour Work Week. Figureing out that I could create an online business that would allow not only for financial wealth, but freedom of time and money was one of the most important things I’ve ever learned. I came across this alternative path that no has ever even mentioned to me. Probably because it had only existed as a possibility for maybe 8 years at the point I read it.

Then I said to myself “I’m going to be an entrepreneur!” but quickly realized I had no idea what that meant or how to do ti.

Flash forward a year and my movement towards entrepreneurship was basically non-existent. I was in the spring semester of my senior year and had no idea what I was going to do… until I met a guy in a taco shop in Cancun at 2am in the morning who pointed me towards the Tropical MBA podcast. This was a big shift for me. I no longer felt isolated with this distant thought of becoming a thing I had no idea about.

Soon, after listening to that podcast enough, I realized I needed “chops” as a business owner. So I began making a lot of mistakes. I launched a website that looked “crappy,” I spent too much time getting it to the point of “not as crappy,” and wrote some long blog posts I’m now embarrassed about — not the content, but the academic tone

Another year passes where I work marketing in a cubicle for a company that didn’t care about marketing. Luckily, I kept making mistakes online and learning a little. I learned just enough that I could get hired for an apprenticeship to build a website for an online entrepreneur.

With this new $12 an hour part time remote job in hand, I sold all my stuff and moved to Rio De Janeiro for the summer and haven’t looked back.

At this point now, I run my ecommerce company. It is my main focus on I love it.

This blog is going to be a place for me to formulate thoughts, share my mistakes, and hopefully write something smart every once and a while.