Our Daily Routine – Nov & Dec 2015

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So Cory and I have started a new daily routine that we’ll follow for the next month before we leave Seattle. I figured it may be interesting enough to write a short blog post about it.

I’ll try to get into some details about it, but keep it brief.

FYI, a lot of this stuff will be weird to people, like putting butter in coffee and drinking saltwater… welcome to our weirdness.

5:00 to 6:45 AM: Wake up & morning ritual

So we wake up early, but we also go to bed early. Like really early at 9:30 PM. But once we are up, we immediately make some Bulletproof Coffee, take some fish oil, vitamin D, cayenne pepper supplement, and niacin.

We also drink some water with lemon and Himalayan salt. The salt is important since we do most of our cooking so we don’t eat all the pre-packaged food that has a ton of salt in it. Also, being in ketosis means you tend to need more sodium, and that’s on top of our sauna and workout plan.

After the coffee is ready, we move on to some journaling, going over goals and reading. We don’t do this together and have slightly different routines, but generally that’s what we do. Then we both meditate (if you’re looking to check out meditation, I highly recommend the free 10-days by HeadSpace).

After that, if there’s more time, I’ll read, write, or work on my copywriting skills.

6:45 AM: Bike to Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP)

I bought a bike this last week so we could pull this off… I bought it off of Amazon and it sucks. I worry it’s going to fall apart on me, but I’m still riding it anyways. I guess that’s what I get for being cheap.

This bike ride is pretty quick, about 15 minutes.

7:00-ish AM: Boulder or Yoga

So on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Cory and I will boulder for about an hour. It’s been a while since either of us had been climbing, so the last few days have been way less than an hour.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, SBP has yoga classes that we’ll go to. They’re an hour long, so I’ll hopefully be way more flexible in a month.

8:30 AM: Start the work day

We then bike off to a coffee shop in the area to work. I like to be on at 8:30 AM for work, because then my three sessions of Pomodoro (50 min work, 10 min break), put me right at 11:30 AM, which is a good time for lunch.

11:30 AM: Lifting / Bouldering / Sauna

So we bike back to the gym for our lunch session. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays we lift. Before lifting, we’ll take 10g of BCAA to help avoid catabolism and improve muscle gain since we are in a ketonic state still.

Our lifting is pretty simple since we are climbing so much.

Lower Body Set:
1. Squats / Deadlift (Switch off each week): 3 reps @ 95% of 1 rep max
2. Box Jumps
3. Five Min Break
4. Squat / deadlift: 5 reps of 85% 1 rep max
5 Box Jumps

Upper Body Set (2 sets to failure):
1. TRX push-ups
2. Handstand Push Ups
3. Dips

The upper body is all pushing since climbing is all pulling. I’m not sure how balanced this is, doing pulling via climbing and pushing via lifting, but we’ll see. It’s only for a month.

Then we’ll take some cayenne pepper supplement and some niacin before we hop in the sauna for 15 minutes. The benefits of heat exposure are ridiculous. If you’d like to check out more on that, I recommend these articles:

Then we take cold showers and get ready to head home.

1:00 PM: Make Lunch / Start work

So once we bike home from the SBP, we make lunch fast or heat up any leftovers we have (I had chili today, which is always better the 2nd day).

If not chili, we’ll make a smoothie since their fast and we can have it while we work.

Here’s our current smoothie:

  • Goat Milk
  • 3 raw eggs (pasture raised)
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Kale & Spinach
  • Almond butter
  • Maca Powder

We basically work until 5ish, and then start to make dinner. Since we cook most of our meals, this means we eat about 6ish most nights. This is if we’re not meeting up with people after work.

But after dinner, we tend to work some more. Maybe about 50% of the time. That could be actual work, reading about work related stuff, or working on this blog. The other half of the time we are either meeting up with people or settle in for a movie. Which we may work while we watch.

Then back to sleep about 9:30 PM, because we are old people.

Got anything we should add to our routine? Or want to let us know you think we’re weird? Leave a comment!